Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple pie and a fleece

Man, if I hadn't named my blog already, that would be it.."Apple pie and a fleece." Hmmm. Well - first the apples...I have all these apples, right? So, I took apples to work in my crock pot and made my office smell like warm apples, and when I was done, turned those into some lovely applesauce. That, however, does not solve my apple-abundance problem. I decided to make a pie. Ha Woo! I haven't made any kind of pie for a while, so in turn, I haven't made crust in a while. And to top that off, I usually buy my crust. Well, since I decided to be more 'frugal' ,if you will, I decided to make one. An actual pie crust that you roll out and fit into your crust. It was great fun, and I hope good tasting, as well. The recipe was one my uncle had written out, actually, and so I'm sure it will be good. My pie turned out beautifully, even though there is some of it on the bottom of my oven floor. I KNEW I should have put a cookie sheet underneath it! Oh well, next time, maybe. So now the windows are open, letting the smoke from the burnt apple pie go out. I can't wait to clean that one up! :-)
And on to the fleece....if anyone actually reads this and has comments (especially on the fleece part) I would be interested to read your point of view. :-) Just a little background on the fleece deal...remember when Gideon was supposed to go into battle, but he was afraid that God was stearing him wrong - because we all know that we know more than God, right?! :-) Anyway - so he put out a literal fleece and asked God to make it wet with dew in the morning, but the ground around it dry. Lo and behold - it happened. Then he wasn't satisfied, so he wanted the opposite the next day. And again - it was so. So I don't know if it's just the church I grew up in or what, but we set out fleeces. Not because we are wanting to seek signs from God, but it is not wrong to ask God to confirm His will to us through however He chooses.
I set out a fleece last night about an issue in my life, and it was answered. Now, after just writing the paragraph before this one, I thought, maybe I should set out another fleece to make sure? Not that I want a different answer, because God and I had a little chat, and I'm okay with the outcome, but just for a double confirmation. But what then if I get a conflicting answer? Oh dear... now I'm stressed out....:-) Not really, but I just normally don't set out fleeces because it freaks me out...what if I don't like the outcome? Then am I going against God if I do the opposite? I think so - if I set the fleece out in faith that God would answer it. So the one I set last night was set in a way that either outcome would have implications, but that one way would be a little more scarier than the other. And that's how it was answered - (the little more scarier way). So I asked God when I set this out, to help me be okay if it ended up the way it did, and I can honestly say I do have peace. Not that I'm not gonna freak out in a day or two, or whenever, but I have faith that since God said no on this one, that He has something else in store for my life.
Whew. I think I'll go make another apple pie - that seems easier than a fleece! :-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

This one's for you, Abbi!

SO - I read in the Readers Digest about a guy who didn't spend anything for a whole month. He paid his bills, of course, and eventually set up a spending limit of $100 for groceries for his family of four. But he didn't spend any extra money on things. I thought that might be fun to try, so I did it. Kinda. I cut my grocery limit to $25 - since I am a single loser - and off I went. It was rather fun, and I kinda have a new look on spending money. The first time I went to the store after I decided to do this, I almost felt guilty! I spent $6 exactly on mushrooms, salad, and milk. I would be going home from a late appointment and think - "Oh, I'll just stop by Sonic and grab something to eat." Then I'd remember my little deal. Rats!! So home it was. I usually eat peanut butter and jelly in the morning on a tortilla, since I'm half Mexican :-), and I ran out of tortillas. Rats again. So - I can make a decent tortilla, and so I got out my rolling pin and recipe and with a few quick texts to my real Mexican friend I was off! The tortillas turned out pretty good - I told Sarah they weren't good enough to make her gramma proud, but they were good enough to make white girls jealous! :-) So now I had tortillas! Ha woo! Grocery store avoided! Then another test came up - muffins for church Sunday morning. I was out of flour, and low on a few other key ingredients - but I remembered I had bread flour in the freezer. Ha woo! I found a recipe that called for cereal, and not as much flour so that's what I did. They were ok. Not a keeper, but they were edible. I made the most wonderful applesauce from apples from Tom and Camilla, and made a perfect soup from beans, carrots, celery and other stuff around the kitchen. That was fun because I made a whole crock pot of it and brought it to work and the people ate it like there was no tomorrow! I started noticing my dog food was getting low, so I cooked rice and some gravy to add to it, making it go a little longer. Highland ate it better, too. He's such a skinny little rat, that he needs to eat all he can. Dmitri on the other hand.... :-) So - long story short, I made it three weeks plus a few days, until I realized that the dog food really wasn't going to last and I only had $7 to last one more week, and we were eating out with the church Sunday afternoon, and I had squeezed every last bit of toothpaste out of the tube - every last bit! So I caved...I went to WalMart and bought groceries. So I failed - but I learned a lot, and it was tons of fun.
So I've already made changes:
In my dogs food - rice is cheap, they like it, and it will make the bag of dog food last longer. Ha woo!
I haven't eaten fast food since before the day I started this. It's definitely on my bad list!
I'm making tortillas from now's more work, but they were just as good as the kind I buy, and if I keep making them, I WILL make Sarah's gramma proud! Or at least keep making white girls jealous! :-)
So that's all for now - but it was rather fun, and it made me think of Abbi. And that was fun, too!