Monday, June 16, 2008

I can be a nice person...

So I just got off the phone about an hour ago with a company that shall remain nameless and they made me really mad. So I tried to be sweet and nice, but it didn't work - it just came off somewhat sarcastic...which I tend to become when I'm angry. So I felt bad after I hung up, because, after all, he was just doing his job. I felt bad enough that I thought about calling back and trying to find out who he was and apologize, but then I kept remembering the stupid things he would say (like when he asked me what date do I want the automatic withdrawls and I said the 22nd and he wanted to know why the 22nd? Why not the 23rd or the 24th? He asked me. And then didn't like my I told him the 23rd was fine, and he said how about the 24th, it's up to you, you just need to tell me what you want. I told him that the 24th would be the most perfect date in the world. I want it with all my heart for it to be the 24th. I thought that was sweet and nice, he thought I was being sarcastic...I told him he was right and I apologized..I figured he wouldn't argue with that.) and the lies I caught this company I didn't call.
Well, I had to call yet another company to find out why my budget billing went up so much after losing someone in the house. (You'd think it'd go down when there's only one person to use the utility, not two...) Anyway...this lady I talked to was very pleasent, and helpful. (And no, I didn't get what I wanted - a lower bill) Hmmm...even after being pretty angry with the former call, I managed to actually be sweet and nice and NOT come off sarcastic. I hung up and actually said out loud - "See? I can be nice person." HA!
I'm such a dork!
This confirms my sad little theory that I react to the way people treat me, which is not good. I suppose I should be not so reactive...Ahhh another thing to constantly improve upon in my blasted life. I can be such a terrible person if we clash. I've got to stop that. Will I ever get it right?!?!?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Does eat oats, and mares eat oats...

Hoo Yi! I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Colorado to be in my cousin's wedding. Bah. :-)
It was a stressful trip - complete with hail, wind, rain, tears, bridesmaid dresses, high heels, tears, food, fun, laughter, tears, and general wedding stuff. Like pictures. Do you have any idea how much I hate pictures?!?! Sarah's lucky I love her! :-)
Anyway - It's late so I should head off to bed. 16 hours of sleep since Thursday, and we have to get up for Bible school in the morning! Uftah.
My bosses kids are coming to Bible school with me and that makes me soooooo happy! I am glad about that, but sad that my dryer broke. Yikes...what am I wearing tomorrow?!?!
Gotta go....