Monday, September 15, 2008


So - I haven't blogged in a while. Things around this silly little house have been nothing short of crazy go nuts. Things have picked up at work, so that keeps me busier later, so my evenings aren't like they used to be. I've started teaching lessons again now, also. So Monday evenings are piano lesson filled, Tuesdays are my token late night at Farm Bureau, Wednesday is church night, so that leaves Thursday and Friday. The past few Thursdays and Fridays I've had appointments that last well into the evening. Like 7:00. Or last Thursday - 8:15. Hoo yi. Who really wants to talk about insurance that late anyway?!?!?! Yikes! Wow - I really don't have a life! Saturdays I teach a lesson then work at the blasted Sewing House, then who knows what happens after that. It seems like there's always something. Last Saturday was our annual meeting for FB. Fun and exciting stuff there. :-) I think this Saturday I'll mow after work. I'm not really sure where the days go. I really never thought my life would be like this...hmmm. Oh well, I guess you work with what you have, huh? Well, time for bed, so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow. Big sigh. :-)


Katie said...

Dude man,

Linda ROCKS said...

dude, I can't wait to leave my mark ALL OVER this PAGE!!! :) hehehehehe!!!

Ang said...

hello there sounds like you need a break. You should come over and hang out and we can giggle at the weirdest things like we once used to. Besides I am sick to death of cleaning and getting everything ready. Call and let me know.